Punk ‘n’ Pasties

Ask anyone with a reasonable knowledge of music to name the key players in the UK and US punk movement and the chances are they’ll head that list with The Ramones, Sex Pistols and The Damned.

What they may not be aware of, however, is that these A-listers – along with many more – played live at a small venue in Penzance during the heady days of 1977.

Inspired by this heritage we hope to rekindle that excitement with the New Rose Festival.

The New Rose Festival

The New Rose Festival will take place over two days on Saturday, August 27 and Sunday, August 28, 2016. but feel free to come a day early to set-up camp and enjoy the local area.

The festival site will have friendly, local security who are used to live events as well as clean toilets and loads of room for camping. We’ll also make sure that the camping area isn’t too far from the car parks and there’ll be provision for campervans and live-in vehicles.

Penzance is just down the road, a seaside town complete with prom, amusement arcade and the finest preserved Georgian Street in the UK, if that’s your thing. There are lots of pubs and food joints in the town, if you fancy a trip out.

Newlyn is also a mile away, a busy fishing port and is good for a stroll. On Monday, August 29, is Newlyn Fish Festival where, apart from fish, there is a carnival atmosphere with live music, stalls and much sampling of local ales.

There are also lots of good beaches just a short drive away, plus St Ives and Hayle are nearby which you may – or may not – like to visit.


There’s camping at the festival site included in the ticket, with all facilities.

However, if you don’t fancy camping it out then there’s plenty of accommodation in Penzance.

The local youth hostel as rooms for as cheap as £15 a night (www.yha.org.uk/hostel/penzance) and there are several backpackers lodges, with www.easypz.info offering rooms at £20 a head. The Longboat Hotel (www.thelongboathotel.net/) and The Queens Hotel (www.queens-hotel.com) offers a more traditional hotel experience that, although more expensive, are friendly and nice. There are loads of B&Bs on Alexandra Road, Penzance, and many are listed here: www.purelypenzance.co.uk If you really fancied lording it up, then you can stay in Trereife manor house for £50 a night (trereifepark.co.uk).

Sex Pistols in Penzance, 1977: rare footage

Ruts DC in Penzance, 2014